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Do You Make These Mistakes in Your Advertising?

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“5 Most Overlooked Marketing ‘Tweaks’ That Could Bring You an extra 1800% ROI (from Ted Nicholas the Marketing expert)but growth of 4 – 5X times are Quite Common…”

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Brian Colborne
Way North Of The River Umgeni
Chief Copy Obsessor &
Practitioner of  Proven -“Old school” Copywriting into New Media

Dear Friend

I know it sounds incredible or even unbelievable right? But this stuff has been proven time and again… they are just facts… that first stat I quoted in the headline was from a marketing legend Ted Nicholas, another Marketing Legend Jay Abraham has managed to get adverts to sell 21X the original control(original advert before he worked his magic) – thats a 2100% increase in sales, I dont need to explain the explosion of wealth this created for Jays Client do I?

And this first little secret device is just the humble old headline... if you are a real copywriter, this is no news to you, but if your an entrepreneur you can be forgiven for not knowing this, because you are bombarded with BS advertising all day and all night.. -the scam of the century.. clever sounding pithy slogans that sell nothing and are never tested or made to “account” for their effectiveness or “loss of income”.

What I’m about to Reveal is So Obvious It Should Be Taught In School – Yet Nobody In Business Seems to Get It…

Your advertising is meant to pull in money, in other words they better bring you new business or they plain suck…(And are losing you thousands of ducats) or the appeal or offer didn’t work – and adverts should be held accountable – in other words you need to be testing your advertising budget for ROI, and if its not bringing you a crowd of new clients… you need to reassess your strategy especially if you are using “traditional ad agencies” if they produce no proof of increased sales – and start to tout mythical brand awareness… personally I would run…

direct response marketing can build branding more efficiently – especially if you are offering a good product or service and people are actually KEEN to hear from you,

and your marketing messages are useful and relevant… if not well then your advertising will go to the graveyard of all the junk mail the ad agencies send out now… and you will just keep hemorrhaging money for nothing on ads that dont work… Yes they look cool, I dont argue the fact, but are they effective?

Who Am I And Why You Should Listen To Me?

My name is Brian Colborne, and I am a copywriter and marketing consultant and I have been voraciously  scrutinizing and studying the strategies of the smartest, most “crazy effective”, and  downright richest marketers and copywriters the world has ever known… For more than 10 years now… now,  I am a quick study and I so I have learnt a few things that… if implemented- could -literally explode your business overnight.


“Having A Highly Sought After Product Available for A Voraciously Hungry Market is the Key To A Great Ad – And The Key To Legendary Success”

So what are the other hidden keys to the kingdom? – What other  simple thing can double or triple your income right now if you implemented them?
They are – these questions, and if your answer is you haven’t implemented it yet,  then you need to be get on that immediately… if its simply too much hassle, its what I do – so youre welcome to contact me to see if we would be a good fit, or alternatively I will send you to a service that would be a better fit for you…

Do You Want To Stealthily Begin Out- Marketing Your Competition today?

Then all you need to do is outwork them, and produce smarter more genuinely useful marketing – not clever slogans and witty statements with pretty graphics… real value!

If you would like to have me assist you with designing a complete marketing strategy, then contact me on the form to your right..

It’s an affordable investment in that the bulk of my income is only paid if I get results for you:


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Brian Colborne

Breakthrough Marketing “Engineer” and Copywriter
Chief Copy Obsessor &
Practitioner of  Proven -“Old school Direct Response” Copywriting – for the web