“Hiring Brian to do your copy”

Dear Fellow Info Marketer

If you are interested in hiring a truly  brilliant copywriter – at the price of a new copy cub then this may be the most exciting letter you ever read…

Everyone knows that copy is king when it comes to all the online marketing skills, -crafting a winning sales message is the “holy grail”, it will either sink your ship or elevate you to almost godlike status and success..


However I AM offering you INCREDIBLE VALUE and a truly amazing deal..

I am Brian Colborne, a marketing consultant that specialises in copywriting.

Why is working with me such a fantastic opportunity? well because..

over here is where someone in those disgusting over hyped sales copy for opportunity seekers spins a tale of rags to riches

well – I’m not about to spin you some fantastic story, just 100% factual “who I am” so you can decide if you want to try work with me…

I have managed to live by making my online marketing and copywriting sell services that gave me an independent lifestyle few dream of, (No this is not one of those ridiculous BS rants from a lout leaning on a freshly hired Lamborghini – nope just real life…  no sports cars or incredible material wealth – but a comfortable living independent of a boss and continuous passive income… and that was just from the first of my marketing attempts…

Honestly I have had successes and setbacks just like anyone else and, I have learned from every experience…and that is why I am so good as a marketer… experience is king…

I have studied what works from the greatest marketing and copywriting geniuses ever to have lived, and I do this all the time! I love studying and living my craft and I love what I do PASSIONATELY…

I am competitive and  love producing winners for my clients…

Look If I work with you, I first check if we are a good fit, nobody wants to work with people or organisations where we both aren’t enjoying the results, outcomes AND dealing with the people we are working with… aside from just getting a project done, I believe its critical to maintain the levels of joy your life… and so enjoy who you are working with.




As I said I haven’t been working as a copywriter for 30 years, or even 10 years..
I haven’t written thousands of pages of sterile – sanitised content for big corporate clients,

but my dear info marketer -that’s where you come in..

What your hiring options are

And to be honest, I am very picky and I have hired copywriters and content creators for my own websites when I needed a lot of content generated fast, and boy did I get disappointing results…

A lot of the people who I hired, back then on elance, claimed to have degrees in English and tons of experience writing articles etc, and they even submitted sterling examples of “their work” – but when it came to delivery, I was almost always given badly written articles that in some instances didn’t even make grammatical sense…

And I had to re-write most of it, but I didn’t have the heart to just not pay some of these folks as they were obviously struggling to make a living and so I would pay them and then choose to never use them again.

The cost of hiring a professional

Have you ever tried to hire a truly GOOD well known copywriter? did you wonder how much they cost? including royalties?

Expect to pay upwards of $15 000 for really great copywriters, I know of some who cost more than $80 000

Normal fees begin at around $1500 to $3000 for a sales letter.

Profitable copy website gives the following fee schedule:

Advertising: $1,500-$1,800 per ad for concept and copy
Ad campaign (3 or more ads): $1,200-$1,500 per ad

Brochure copy, small (two- or three-panel): $800-$1,600
Brochure copy, full-size (two- or three-panel): $950-$2,500
Brochure copy, multi-page (up to 8 pages with cover): $1,800-$3,500
Brochure copy, large (8-16 pages with cover): $2,000-$4,500 and up
Brochure insert copy: $200-$1,000 each

Direct mailer copy: $1,500-$1,800 each for concept and copy
Direct mail postcard: $600-$950 each
Direct mail letter: $600-$1,200 each
Direct mail campaign: $600-$1,250 each based on three pieces

Copy editing: Hourly rate of $120/hour, with most jobs taking just 1-3 hours

Email copy: $600-$1,000 each
Email campaign (3 or more): $500-$800 each

Folder with three to five single-sheet inserts: $1,600-$3,500

Newsletter articles: $450-$1,250

Press release: $450-$800
Press release, with online distribution: $500-$950

Radio commercial: $1,500-$1,800 per spot for concept and copy
Radio campaign (3 or more): $1,200-$1,500 per spot

Sales letter or email copy: $600-$1,200 each

TV commercial: $1,500-$1,800 per spot for concept and copy
TV campaign (3 or more): $1,200-$1,500 per spot

Website copy: $150-$500 per webpage – most basic websites cost $950-$1,500, while larger, more content-rich websites cost $2,500-$4,500 and up

Web content (fresh content every month): $750-$950 per month, for at least six months

The Investment Price on Good Copy is always -Reassuringly Expensive, but if you think that its too expensive…try going without it..

Did you notice how the fee is very high? Well I am not going to say it isn’t worth it, a good copywriter is worth way more than you ever could pay him or her, and they are actually FREE according to Gary Halbert, possibly the best copywriter to have ever lived..(RIP Gary thank you for all you have taught me and others!) Because of the return on investment you get from working with them…

If you have ever bothered to look up the cost of hiring an A level copywriter or seen the fees that even an average c level copywriter can command, you will realise the value and opportunity in my offer…

The Incredible Offer:

“What I can offer you is a vastly discounted rate for sales copy by someone who is genuinely passionate about copywriting and devoted to perfecting this almost voodoo skillset of copywriting…”

We Cant Argue With The incredible Value of Copywriting
If you are someone who knows anything about information marketing or direct response marketing you will know that in order to be successful you need absolutely compelling copy… from sales pages, to email campaigns, order pages, lead capture pages… video sales letters… you name it.

You also know not a cent is made until someone purchases your product, course or service and that skill – the skill of getting your stuff sold… is copywriting.

We also cant argue with the incredible return on investment that good copywriting provides…

The Irresistible Offer
So my offer for you is to let me work on YOUR copy – allow me to increase your sales and you will gain the vast benefit of my passion, dedication to both this art AND YOUR success..

Success is always found in being of service to others, as the late Zig Ziglar used to say… you can have anything you want, when youve helped enough people get what they want…

This quote by Zig is great, but I REALLY got it when copywriting legend Joe Sugarman said, in his lectures at the success magnet seminar – and his book success principles “success principles” – He quotes:”There is a spiritual principle that says whatever you focus on expands.. So if you focus on your business – what happens? – It expands… If you focus on good health, what happens? – (Say it!) – you stay healthy right? … If you focus on money, what happens? (people say – it expands…) Joe says … NOOOO! money is a symbol for work and effort…so what expands is the work and effort…
if you want to make a lot of money what you focus on.. IS… Helping Others…

It could be by providing a really good product, it could be by incentivising people… or inspiring people but..the key is – help others and my whole life has been dedicated to that one simple philosophy…

What I dont have with regards to experience I make up with passion and dedication, providing real value in the sense of unlimited revisions…until you are extatically happy and the copy earns you sales

In addition, what most people dont understand, is that really good copywriting is darn hard work…
lots of homework… lots of reading and research before you put “pen to paper”
as an example… I will cite Dan Kennedy’s work ethic:

“I am in the 2nd month of mountain-sized project for a new client in the health field, but before writing copy for him, I met with him for a day and got our day’s discussion transcribed for my reference, I read three books, a gigantic 3 ring notebook of his previous materials, had somebody fetch about a hundred pages of material for me from websites, raided my archives and “Swipe files”, created piles of raw material sorted by purpose ie, the headlines, the opening, the personal mission story, presenting price and so forth.

Then I started writing.

As a result of my preparation, I am now quite knowledgeable about oxygen therapy, oxygen assisted exercise, anti-oxidant therapy, and a number of other related subjects, and about professionals’ attitudes, concerns, fears and skepticisms about using them. I could certainly hold my own through dinner conversations with a bunch of doctors discussing these topics.”

most people have the tendancy and temptation to dump the preparation and rush to the work of writing copy itself, this is a big mistake.

My Process: How I do It
thorough research preparation and percolation
one thing ive noticed about A level copywriters is that they do an amazing amount of preperation and homework
from Clayton Makepeace’s observations is that most copy cubs are slack in this area and this may be the single greatest thing holding them back…

If you do thorough preperation and research – with a orderly process – the sales letter almost writes itself..
I remember listening to Eban Pagans then favorite copywriter Craig Clemens, and he had a process of specific questions he would ask himself or interview the client to get a clear picture of what was necessary for the copywriting assignment, on my site I have notes of these questions, they are breif but deep questions..

I also like Gary Halberts advice about writing copy, as the no 1 legend, he is definitely an amazing study and resource, and like all great people he gave back, always willing to help others with his advice and brutal (what it takes to be effective!)tutoring..

He has this method where you go to the 150 greatest ads (he has about 150 listed on his newsletter – and yes you DO copy all this by hand)..now and copy down the headlines… then get the national enquirer and do the same for a few months(maybe keep doing this your whole life) and write down these headlines by hand on 3X5 cards or any other card – as long as you can deal them like a deck of playing cards…

Now I know this sounds hokey.. but there IS a really good reason… ANd IT WORKS!
What it does: it helps to “prime” your mind before writing great copy…

You simply sit down after youve done all your research and written hundreds of bullet points and notes…

Then you start dealing your deck… and it will prime your subconscious mind with great copywriting /psychological angles and triggers that have been proven to work…(these are after all headlines from the greatest ads in history… and by now you will have written many of them out by hand… associating all the juice and methodology of persuasion with the headline and now… invigorating your mind with ideas for your copy project)

I think it was John Carlton and Joe Sugarman that both said you need to have an insatiable thirst for study and a broad base of knowledge as well as a keen interest in people in order to be a good copywriter.

  • I am not being arrogant here… but I live and breathe learning and knowledge… I have a breadth and depth of knowledge that would challenge a set of encyclopedia britannica…(almost!) – well, this would be a sad waste of my time and life force…were it not so darn useful in linking ideas concepts and themes in copy and marketing…and pretty much everything…
    • I can absorb information like a sponge and see links nobody has ever even considered..
  • Incredible Work Ethic, passion and Dedication to Winning.

Why I am offering to work at this incredibly low rate

As a beginner copywriter ie a junior copy cub, I dont have many opportunities to work for a large advertising firm..

You see everyone has to start somewhere… in the past this was done by joining one of madison avenues big advertising agencies such as Ogilvy and Mather, or getting a job at boardroom inc…

Like most rebellious copywriters I have an entrepreneurial mentality that is averse to working in the corporate ecosystem, I dont have a problem working with them or for them just not IN them.

I have done my time in that environment and I am really grateful for all the learning and opportunities it provided but my entrepreneurial spirit and lust for freedom is not satisfied in this environment.

From all my studies this seems to be a common trait amongst most successful copywriters, Even those fantastic copywriters such as Gary Benciavenga and the other copywriting legends at boardroom, rhodale and the other giants.

But this is not the only advantage you gain by working with me, its not just the value of getting the same advice that you would get from proven marketing and copywriting legends… and having these top notch principles implemented into your sales copy and marketing messages, at a fraction of the investment it would cost you to consult with Jay or Dan..

What I bring to the table:

  • Marketing knowledge
    I have been studying info marketing by the greatest marketers ever to live.. these include Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy my advice could literally save you thousands of dollars or generate you thousands of dollars should you implement it…
  • How do I know this? Because its this same advice that has generated these legend’s clients millions and millions of dollars, the only difference is – these legends have clients that are generally self made millionaries who are action oriented -implementers… so if you take the same attitude you will get the same results..

With regards to copywriting

I have studied John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace , and Jay Abraham and through working with me you are giving me the opportunity to embed and implement all their doctrines of direct response copywriting.. into YOUR sales letters, VSLs and marketing messages…
Garys Quote: “You’ll accomplish more through movement than you ever will through meditation…”

Garys Advice on Becoming A Good Copywriter
In fact am currently going through all of Garys very helpful suggestions to shock your system in order to force you into developing really good copywriting skills..

This is a paraphrase of Gary’s advice:

  1. Read all these books once
    Scientific Advertising
    The Robert Collier Letter Book (In process)
    Tested Advertising Methods
    How To Write A Good Advertisement
    The Gary Halbert Letter
    The Boron Letters
    The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches
    Break-Through Advertising
    7-Steps To Freedom
  2. Then write out about 15 famous best examples of sales letters by hand
  3. read the books again this time making copious notes..
    rewrite the sales letters and make more copious notes…

The Method Applied:

What this means is that I get up every morning and I write out – BY HAND – a sales letter(usually 6 or more pages) by all of the greatest copywriters ever to have put paper to typewriter…

I read for an hour each day -the copywriting industrys classics… such as my life in advertising, Tested advertising methods, Reality in advertising, Breakthrough Advertising, as well as books reccomended by these legendary copywriters

But the time has come to apply these principles to live working examples, there simply is no other way to develop your own “voice” as a copywriter…

You see I am a perfectionist and I could very easily end up studying these copywriting legends forever, and never take any real action that brings verifyable results.. and this is no way to live life, its a half life.. lived vicariously in fantasies of future success…

So you can be a part of your success and mine
By choosing to work with me you gain access to all these copywriting principles and marketing knowledge and get to see it applied to your product or service…

No doubt these sales messages will not beat a Gary Halbert Control Package – But even Dan Kennedy admitted he cant do that…
however it will probably do a lot better than an untrained person trying to wing it.. and write their own copy..

You will also get the benefit of not having to worry or stress about one of the most difficult things to do – which is get your sales copy right or your marketing messages..

By choosing to hire me you will gain the value of knowing you are helping me to develop my skill so you are doing a good thing for me, other than paying for my valuable knowledge..

except if you went to an ordinary advertising agency they may sell you brand aweareness copy…

Who I want to work with:
I want to work with you if you are wanting direct response information marketing copy…
You dont mind working with someone new and fresh with a boatload of marketing knowledge and ideas..

This isn’t for everyone:
Who I dont want to work with: someone who treats copywriting like a commodity…

Who doesn’t need to hire me:
The guy or gal who is so busy because of the orders coming in, they have no time to hire another copywriter.

You are too busy spending money because of your excellent copy, so you dont have time to consult.

You are already so flush with sales and copywriters and dont need another expert at writing copy that sells, and already has several sales letters that are outperforming everything under the sun.

Contact me for a quote or work with me on fiverr as an introductory experience.

PS: Fiverr is probably the cheapest place you can “check out” a copywriter without signing contracts and committing to at least 3 month contracts with “C” level copywriters..