Regulatory Bodys and Copywriting

Easy & Quick Way Around Regulatory Hindrances to Growing Your Business Online Or Offline:


“If You Have A Regulatory Body That Prevents You From Advertising, Having a Website or Promoting Your Business – Then THIS is going to excite you”


Sometimes it can seem like the regulatory bodies are out to stop you from growing your business, or at the very least slow your ability to get more clients..

From The Desk Of:
Brian Colborne
North Of The River
Durban SA

Dear Friend

One of the prices of having a professional career is dealing with pesky regulatory bodies and it can really seem like the odds are stacked against you… You want to grow your business and almost every industry advertises in some form… and IF A)The market is a hungry one and B)The advertising, marketing and copywriting is really good your business can grow overnight… BUT

In your case you cant do that, you cant directly solicit busines…

So how DO you get more clients when you are forbidden from marketing and advertising?

What you need is a good “information service” where you provide your potential clients lots of free good information on your profession or industry… nobody in the world can stop you from providing free advice such as web pages, blogs, talks , podcasts, and the best of the best: online video!

what this does is set you up as an authority, a kind of GO -TO guy in your field… and in South Africa there are many opportunities for this still as a lot of people are lagging behind and not doing this…

Now please remember, you dont sell your services here at all… simply being the “resource” will give you people who will want to ask questions and need help… at which point you can schedule an appointment and help them…

remember the big opportunity here is to be seen as the professional you are, the leader, the one with the information, the source of your clients solutions to their problems… this is really quite easy to do.

if you would like to work on your website or printed material to “massage” it into being informative and engaging, and yet subtly position you as the go to authority in your niche or industry…And lead clients to easily make triple the enquiries you get now… then contact me and lets set up a consultation.