Craig Clemens Salesletter Formula

Craig Clemens Sales Letter formula:

“BONUS: Craig’s Research interview questions that helps you to practically write the copy on Automatically!.. whilst interviewing the client or reviewing materials”

[dropcap color=”black” background=”white” style=”round” size=”big”]F[/dropcap]or those who dont know, Craig is an A-list copywriter who wrote for Eban Pagan – on many of the top performing “double your dating” sales letters/landing pages during the internet guru “boom” years… He is an amazing copywriter, who came out of nowhere and rapidly absorbed the skill of copywriting to become a phenomenal success at writing copy… He has since gone on his own and done several blockbuster winners on his own company, including supplements (intestinal if my memory serves, I found this out on youtube – by googling for an interview of Craig Clemens – so you may look this up there..)

But having heard him lecture on his copywriting process and insight alongside Eban with Ebans copywriting product(print persuasion masterclass) while questioning him was an amazingly educational experience.. you may not know this but…

I attribute my early copywriting success to using Craigs method (precisely this one below)Which helped me to write my first major sales letter which gained me.. “enter fanfare and drumroll please…”

An independent passive income for about 7 years!!! in a niche nobody has heard of,(will remain secret) this enabled me to quit working for my old corporate job at pocketkings in Dublin(which was an awesome job, but its just much more fun owning your own time and having the freedom to do what you choose when you choose… instead of rushing off to a corporate cubicle)

I got this from listening to him while studying – and these are my notes.

Craig Clemens Pre Project Interview/ Research formula

The Interview Research Process before you start  the letter:

  1. Why did you create the product,money aside? To fill a particular need? A personal thing? Ie advisory guide? Write all your reasons for creating the program.
  2. What are the main benefits your prospect will receive from the program? Write all the benefits go big and large
    • Not just big picture benefits, but smaller picture benefits such as small changes in their lives… new opportunity… stack throughout your letter…
  3. Telling the truth, when you tell them why you created what you did, what was the process and what led to need to tell the story of why you did it, what are the ancilliary benefits… makes it real instead of just bla… tell them how they will wake up with lightness and more bounce as far out as possible and add every benefit.
  4. What are your prospects 3 biggest buttons, what are the ones you prospect gonna make them want to jump up and get it immediately…
    • Biggest buttons that make a person insane that really annoy and get a person upset, that really are on their mind…
  5. What are your prospects fears around this in their life? Not achieving..?
    • What are all the kinds of fears they have, zone in and out ie zoom in and look at high level..
    • The person who buys your product has an irrational reason for buying it..they are not logical..
  6. What are the major frustrations your prospect gets in association to the problem
    •  (also small things..)eg What your friends can do and you cant? Line up a bunch of frustrations.
  7. What does your prospect worry about?
    • What are some of the things they are worried about? -make a list?
  8. What is your program gonna do for them,
    • what are they going to gain by putting it into use… compliments, praize, being desired… make a list
  9. What is your proof why should your prospect listen to you,
    1. list your qualifications,
    2. have you been there where they are?
    3. You been through it?
    4. What makes you different and better than other options out there…
    5. proof your product will work…
    6. why they should believe in you… list reasons..
  10. Who is the program for…write as many things as you can to describe your prospect…
  11. Who its not for… (who doesnt need it…?) by doing this you get MORE qualifications… eg you dont need a program on dating if youre brad pitt and can pull chicks at a bar easily..
    • Ninja Fact:(your prospect wants to be the dude who doesn’t need this product)
  12. What can you give away of value in your sales letter and help them upfront
    • (demonstrate) gives you authority and value and youre helping them…eg: 5 mistakes dudes make … 3 mistakes guys make in bars… give them tips
  13. Why people wont buy,
    • what kind of objections would they have… e.g: They may not know or believe in your product, they may not want you to teach them…
  14. Paint a picture of the solution applied in his life.. how does your prospects life looks like… eg 3 missed calls because of chicks who want you… with that hot blonde in bed will get jealous so you cant call them back etc..
  15. What can go wrong for your client if they dont buy your program… you may need to purchase your way to success or will never be successful..

Salesletter Formula:

  1. Start with strong benefit driven headline
    1. Sub head
  2. Ask some questions that show you understand where your prospect is at -and remind them of the pain they are feeling in this state they are in right now.
  3. Powerful analogy or a story(imagine you had x, or your story or how you discovered the solution that’s gonna work for them.)
  4. Its not your fault and there is hope blame who it really is…upbringing, not taught, theres hope because I’ve done it, even if they’re making mistakes, point out its not their fault that they make them..
  5. be credible, tell your story they are listening for anything really have to believe in your product.
  6. Give away content
  7. Proof
  8. What it is and whats in it…
  9. Bullet list
  10. Who needs it and who doesn’t
  11. What makes it different
  12. Wrap it up (value stack)
  13. Price
  14. Guarantee
  15. Close
  16. Signature
  17. Ps
  18. testimonials

Headline=biggest benefits from benefit list, and how its gonna hit the 3 big buttons.. (see research/interview questions)

  • e.g. “How to add 20 pins to your bowling score guaranteed. /If you’ve got 20 minutes a month I guarantee to work a financial miracle in your life…”
  • Think about your 3 biggest benefits and PUSH Could it really be this easy to create a lasting connection with a man..this connection that’s going far beyond physical attraction and sparks a deep emotional bond inside of him to the point where he feels literally addicted to being with you and only you forever.
  • Subhead: the answer is yes and if you want to eliminate all the insecurity that can come from losing the guy you really want and start to experiencing all the love attention and respect you deserve from a man regardless of his insecurities.


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